Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowy morning...

Good morning...I'm waitig for Russ to call me and let me know he made it to work safely. It's snowing and it's not snowing hard...enough to make the roads slick and maybe some drivers just don't take the time to drive more careful...there are accidents all over...We have had only a inch or two of snow...

It feels good to shovel.. I helped Russ shovel before he left work...it was an easier shovel then last weeks...So it is done for now and I will go out and shovel when the snow stops...which will be around noon they said...

The snow is pretty...it is glistening where the street lights were shining down...I have alawys loved snow...For some reason I dread it this year maybe because I just can't do it all this year...I will enjoy the prettiness of it tho..

I didn't go to church this past sunday because I needed the rest....Actually the whole weekend I felt like I had been hit with a mac truck...I may have had a bug more than the chemo affecting me..

I did go through all my old magazines recipes that I have been cutting out for years...I weeded out all the high fat, high carb recipes and threw them out.. I downsized my collection of recipes big time.. This is our way of life now..especially cutting the high carb foods in our diet...

On Monday I just couldn't muster the energy to do anything..I have cut alot of red meat out of our diet recently and I know red meat is also important for your body...I don't have red meat in the house...I was craving red meat last night...I have never done this before but I ordered take out from Texas Roadhouse... Russ and I love Prime rib and we ordered that... I wasn't sure how it was going to taste by bringing it home...OH my gosh it was so good... It was expensve but I can't tell you when we ate out and ate something so good...It has been a long time...And the best part is we got to eat in peace and quiet...I love Texas Roadhouse but I don't like the noise....You can barely hear each other talking...So we enjoyed last night so much...Of course we spent our momth of January's eating out budget but it was so well worth it...I will be definitley be buying red meat when I go grocery shopping next time...I have to stick with the food budget so I will have to plan things all over again and have more soups for dinner...

I am doing well on our budget.. I am doing well with our goals...of course it is only the 17th of January and have a long way to go....If I don't keep track each day I know I will fail at it...There are times I just want to go out and shop...But I can't...it has been hard changing my ways...I want to get on the internet and order things...I am changing my ways in not doing that...I make goals each and every day in things I want to accomphish....Where I want to save...what I want to get done...And the good thing about the goals is I am getting things done and not spending extra money that is not in the budget I made up....We do have our allowance to spend but man oh man it makes you think twice about spending that money...the things that you had to have just don't seem as important....It's not what I really want to spend my allowance on...talk about retraining your brain on things...I am loving it tho because I am already seeing the results in the bank account...The money is not flying out the window at stuff...What a wake up call I am seeing...It's a good wake up call... I love the no spending challenges...

Stay safe and warm today...may it be filled with many blessings...I still haven't heard from Russ....it must be pretty bad road conditions for him to take this long...


  1. Hope all is well with Russ! I hope you don't have much to shovel, that's hard work. I love the snow too, not ice on the road though. The snow brings with it a sort of hush. I enjoy that.

    You sound as if you are doing well with your goals. I'm still working on mine! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi lisa,
    You are doing well with your goals. Dave 's tummy can't handle a lot of red meat. Me on the other hand I need it to keep my blood sugar stable. I have decided to stop fretting over our high food bill. Instead I am thankful we can eat healthy. I keep saying it is what it is and I do the best I can.
    I just made an apple cake for Dave's snacks.
    Stay warm.


  3. Glad to hear he finally made it to work safe and sound. I'm not much of a snow driver either so I would have turned around and headed for home after the 360 too!
    It's hard budgeting but it's the only way to make things work in my household. We used to be able to eat a few times a month but now with the cost of everything going UP we can only afford to splurge once a month and we all look forward to it.